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Main materials of the food vaccum bags[ 2013-05-15 ]
The features of all the materials suitable for the vaccum bags are as followed:1、PE is used for low temperature freezing, RCPP is used for high temperature cooking;2、PA has strong ability against strike for strengthen the physical strength;
Dementalized bags[ 2013-05-15 ]
Dementalized bags (also called partly hollow aluminum plating bags or window bags )are the packaging bags that have the highest printing requires and the best design effect in current domestic even on the international,They are popularly used for clothes packing ,food packing and toy packing in Japan .
To choose the right printing for your products[ 2013-05-15 ]
There are five different printing methods ,in order to have the desired effect,we have to find the right printing method for you according to the bags you need.