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Knowledge of food packaging

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Now the main materials used in the production of food packaging bags are PP and PE.

Of course, depending on the needs of the packaged product itself, the required materials also vary. According to the specific packaging products to choose packaging materials.
For example, common food can be packaged in composite bags made of OPP/PE materials. For similar products that need high temperature cooking, PA/PE or CPP materials can be selected. For food that needs refrigeration, PA/PE or CPP materials can be selected. Special products are available in multilayer composite bags or aluminum foil bags.
The above materials have puncture resistance, oxidation resistance, easy printing, high transparency, moisture-proof, oil-proof and other functions.
Combined with the characteristics of the above materials, you can make the most suitable for their own packaging bags.
Note: PP: Polypropylene.
PE: polyethylene, polyethylene.
OPP: o-phenylphenol, o-phenyl phenol.
PA: Polyamide, Polyamide fiber.
CPP: cast polypropylene.
Hygienic properties of food packaging bags:
Including evaporation residue (acetic acid, ethanol, n-hexane), ** consumption, heavy metals, decolorization test. Evaporation residue is a reflection of food packaging bags in the use of vinegar, wine, oil and other liquids when the precipitation residue, heavy metal possibility, residue and heavy metal will have adverse effects on human health, in addition to the residue will directly affect the color, aroma, taste and other food quality.
Degradation performance:
According to the degradation types of products, they can be classified into photodegradation, biodegradation and environmental degradation. The degradation performance reflects the ability of the product to be accepted by the environment after it is used. If the degradation performance is good, the bag will break, differentiate and degrade by itself under the combined action of light and microorganisms, and eventually become debris accepted by the natural e
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