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The principle process of base material composition of tea bag

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1. Surface treatment of the base material of tea leaves. This process including base material surface treatment, chemical structure and properties of the surface treatment, corona treatment, plasma treatment, chemical treatment, etc.), the process is mainly to improve the basic condition of base material on the surface of the composite, and strengthen the tea bags of the bonding interface reaction.

2. Apply the right amount of adhesive. The adhesive is used to spread the wet substrate under the pressure of the rubber roller to form a uniform layer of adhesive film. 

3. Diffusion of adhesives.

4. Adsorption of adhesives into bonds. After infiltration and diffusion, the active gene of the adhesive molecule and the polar gene of the surface molecule of the substrate were strongly adsorbed to generate the secondary valence bond.

5. Chemical bonding. At a certain temperature, some functional groups of the adhesive are combined with the chemical reactions of the substrate functional groups.

6. Curing. The solvents of the adhesives are further volatilized at higher temperatures, and the molecules of the adhesives are further polymerized and solidified, forming a cohesive solidification layer of good mechanical strength.


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