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Every year 800 million packaging bags into hangzhou mass "express garbage" who to deal with?

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In the past two years, the volume of express delivery business in hangzhou has grown by 80% annually

NPC deputies called for packaging waste recycling, our reporter in-depth investigation to find solutions
800 million bags pour into hangzhou every year
Massive "express garbage" who to deal with?
The day before yesterday, after lunch at a high-rise office building near hangzhou city railway station, Ms. Ni collected three items from the Courier office: ink cartridges for her company's printers, a battery pack for her mother's new mobile phone, and several bags of imported potato chips she had bought online. Unpacking the bag, she found three more cartons of different sizes at her feet, which contained tape, plastic bags and the plastic foam that the taobao store put in the boxes to protect the chips from being bounced.
Yesterday, at a large recycling station in chongxian, north of hangzhou, sister zhou was sorting through a huge pile of waste paper just delivered from the south of the city. After four or five years in the job, she noticed that more and more paper bags and cartons with sticky tape and receipts were being sent in every day -- all "express junk".
In today's increasingly popular online shopping, similar scenes occur in every corner of hangzhou. In recent years, the volume of express delivery business in hangzhou has soared by nearly 80% every year. In 2014, the total volume of express delivery service enterprises in hangzhou has reached 846 million pieces.
Mass express has brought a huge amount of packaging waste, resulting in waste and pollution is a concern.
Can we find a more reasonable way to deal with the massive "express garbage"?
To answer this question, the first thing to know is how many deliveries hangzhou receives every year.
Online shopping has been accepted by everyone and become a means of daily shopping, with the growth of express delivery.
According to the statistics of hangzhou post administration, the business volume of express delivery service enterprises in hangzhou has been growing at an amazing speed in the past two years.
In 2013, the city's express delivery service enterprises completed a total of 469 million pieces of business, an increase of 79.1% over the same period last year. In 2014, a total of 846 million express deliveries were completed, up 80.49 percent year-on-year.
The staff of hangzhou post administration said that the business volume of express delivery enterprises is calculated by the method of sending in pieces. That is to say, last year alone, hangzhou received 846 million express deliveries, bringing with it more than 800 million bags of express waste.
How to properly deal with these massive express garbage has become a subject that hangzhou must face.
How much "express waste" does hangzhou generate every year?
Mr. Chen, who has joined an express delivery company and owns an online store in hangzhou, said the package mainly consists of several materials: cartons, plastic bags, plastic foam used to fill fragile objects, tape used for fixing, and delivery documents.
"The most common kind of corrugated cardboard boxes are definitely the big head of packaging waste, almost all of our packages are packed in cardboard boxes." "For high value fragile items, after the sender tells us about the situation, we usually fill it with plastic foam, sometimes with old newspapers, and then cover it with two layers of cardboard boxes," Mr. Chen said.
Such packaging, the use of cardboard boxes and tape and other materials, is not some waste?
"We definitely want to pack fewer and use fewer cardboard boxes so we can also save costs. But many express delivery in the process of delivery is very easy to collision, no way, only so tightly wrapped up. 'most express delivery industries do have the problem of excessive packaging, but this is to prevent damage during delivery,' Mr. Chen said.
And a large number of packaging waste, also produced in the process.
"Express rubbish" basically have what
Where does this "express junk" end up?
In recent days, the reporter visited some office buildings and residential areas in hangzhou, and interviewed many citizens who often use express delivery.
"Our office properties have a unified collection of waste paper waste. A security guard of a high-rise office building on fengqi road said, "like the printed paper and the old newspaper, we should collect them uniformly, then contact the waste station and send someone to collect them. In recent years, there are more and more cardboard boxes for express delivery.
Security guards said that the express delivery packaging waste, and finally at the price of 0.4 yuan to 0.7 yuan per catty, sold to the scrap yard, for unified treatment.
However, more citizens will not specially collect the express packaging waste, but together with food and kitchen waste, throw it into the garbage can of the community, and finally be sent to tianziling landfill.
"There was a time when I bought a lot of things online, about 30 pieces a week. My mother-in-law squashed all the boxes and put them away, but we also collected some old newspapers at home, so we asked the person who collected the old newspapers to collect them together. As a result, over 30 boxes were sold for less than 3 yuan. Later the mother-in-law also does not expend this strength, basic threw directly in the village dustbin." When talking with reporters about the disposal of express waste, "online shopping talent" miss ni said, their own old clothes, waste batteries, will be put away together to deal with, but the volume of express waste, collection is also troublesome, generally are directly thrown away.
Trouble sorting, trouble collecting, can't sell for a few bucks... For various reasons, many people are not very active in the disposal of express junk.
Where is the "express junk"
At present, there are no more than two ways for express delivery of garbage in hangzhou - recycling stations or landfill with other garbage.
These are recycled express waste, and how to deal with it?
Yesterday, reporters rushed to fuyang chunjiang paper industry park. It is home to the warehouse of shenqi waste recycling company, one of hangzhou's largest recyclers, which stores paper and plastic waste.
Into the warehouse covering an area of 12 acres, everywhere is a mountain of paper garbage. On one side of the warehouse, cardboard boxes that have been sorted and compressed are packed into container-sized boxes, waiting to be shipped away. On the other side, the staff is sorting a mountain of paper waste, corrugated box a category, a category of old newspapers, sorted and placed.
Go into 'paper mountain', pick up a about 50 cm long cardboard box, the box with a cross - shaped tape and a receipt. This is a typical express carton, which was sent from chongming of Shanghai to hangzhou 3 days ago.
Enterprise staff member Mr Zhang tells a reporter, everyday carry from hangzhou here to undertake unified classification the paper kind rubbish that handles has 300 tons, among them 75% above is packaging kind rubbish.
"I've been working here for four or five years. When I first came here, the amount of waste paper I received every day was about half what it is now." "Mr. Zhang recalled.
These recycled cartons, plastic bags, plastic foam, recycling enterprises are how to deal with?
Li zhen, the company's manager, said: "the waste paper is sorted and packaged and sold to fuyang paper companies. Plastic bags and plastic foam will be processed into polystyrene by a company invested by the company and then sold to chemical enterprises as raw materials for plastic manufacturing.
How to deal with "express junk"
Whether it is the security guard in the community, the person in charge of the express shop, the online shopping expert or the staff of the recycling enterprise, when it comes to the express garbage, they all mention the problem of "collection".
Even if the express waste in the relative "recycling value" high corrugated box, the real recycling is only a small part.
"You don't see us here all day hundreds of express delivery in and out, in fact, we do not produce express waste. Mr. Chen, the Courier, said, "the most we can do is scrap documents and so on, as well as some damaged cartons, which we will sell to the recycling center together. But the delivery came to everybody, and you want to collect the boxes, it's hard.
Recycling enterprise staff zhang, although express quantity rapid growth these years, but he did not feel waste Courier company bought paper carton has a substantial increase, the proportion of the reason, or express garbage collection difficulties: "this aspect we are ready to cooperate and ChengGuanWei, in terms of garbage classification, strengthen the recycling of waste collection in every community."
How to realize the recycling of "express garbage"
At the just past two sessions of the National People's Congress, deputies to the National People's Congress, as soon as possible to issue online shopping industry goods packaging technical specifications, to minimize packaging waste.
The key to solve the problem of mass express waste is not only to increase the intensity of garbage classification and collection frequency, but also to introduce the technical specifications of goods packaging in the online shopping industry as soon as possible, using the unified standard of reusable packaging bags.
"My vision is that the items will be packaged in a uniform reusable bag, designed as a zipper closure bag with a transparent pocket on the surface for placing documents with the user's delivery information. When the Courier delivers the goods to the addressee, he should hand over the goods and documents, and then take the package back to the express outlet for reuse. According to the fragile degree and size of the express items, different standard packaging bags can be used to separate inspection and handling, which can ensure speed and avoid damage. Xu qiufang told reporters that this plan can greatly reduce the amount of waste generated by express delivery, and at the same time avoid problems such as secondary pollution caused by garbage recycling.
As for the feasibility of this solution: "because of the size and cost, it is certainly not realistic for the express industry to use such packages all at once. But one or two companies could try it first. "
In addition, the relevant departments should issue technical specifications for the packaging of goods in the online shopping industry as soon as possible, especially for the enterprises that design, produce and use the uniform standard packing boxes (bags) that can be used for many times, they should be encouraged and supported.

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