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China tea bag manufacturers

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First: first of all, you need to know what kind of custom material is it?

General handbag words are mainly HDPE and LDPE. HDPE is high density polyethylene, Chinese for high density polyethylene, commonly known as low pressure ethylene; LDPE is low density polyethylene (LDPE). HDPE is hard, and LDPE is widely used. Commonly used in vest bags, clothing bags, hospital CT bags, etc. LDPE performance relative to HDPE is relatively soft, strong toughness, printing color more generally choose LDPE material.
Compound bag then material kind is more much. Want to see your bag above all a few material are qualitative compound and become, basically have commonly two with 3. General material has PET OPP CPP PA PE aluminum foil matte film.
The most commonly used two-layer composites are PET+CPP (PE) and OPP+CPP (PE). The former has better sealing smoothness than the latter, because PET has better high temperature resistance than OPP. The zipper bag is made of PET material. Another is the comparison between CPP and PE. CPP is more transparent than PE, but not as tough as PE. These packages are used for items that do not require vacuum packaging. Generally used in food packaging bags and so on. Another kind of composite material is PA+PE (CPP), which is used for vacuum cooking packaging. PA material has the strongest toughness among these materials. Generally, this material is selected for rice vacuum packaging bags and chicken wings. The PE produced by our factory is reinforced when it comes to rice packaging bags, and its fastness is 30% stronger than that produced by other manufacturers in the market. Of course, the vacuum rice bags are also made of three composites, and a layer of matte film is generally added for better quality. Moreover, the appearance of the bags is relatively high-grade, and the price is relatively high.
Three-layer composite materials are generally made of PET and other materials, among which PET+OPP+CPP (PE) is the most commonly used. This material can also be vacuum-pumped

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